Need answers?

 What are the letters about? 

The letters are on a beautiful double sided document telling the story of a wacky spot or happening. It's like a fun history lesson revealed through facts and anecdotes. We could explore ossuaries, attend edgy Rock & Roll shows, sail with pirates or uncover fascinating folktales. It's all about real places that spark curiosity!


How does it work?

Letters are sent via snail mail on the 1st of every month. For example, if you subscribe on February 17th, your first letter will depart on March 1st. Past letters ship within 48 hours.


Still not sure what you'll get?

Try Snail Mail Chronicles by taking a Recurring Letter Subscription that you can cancel anytime.


Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Yes, these subscriptions are original gifts for any occasion. Simply enter the address of the receiver as the mailing address. 


Who is Dorian?

Dorian is a fictional writer and social explorer, who travels the world to investigate the mysterious and to acquaint us with the strange. He will explore peculiar locations and join important historical gatherings. Via snail mail, he'll share his one of a kind adventures. His accounts are as fun as they are informative!


Are these letters suitable for children?

The letters are written with a grown up audience in mind. With this said, there is nothing inappropriate in these letters. Only a parent can judge if these letters can interest their child. I would recommend it for a teenage audience and up.


For any other questions or suggestions, please contact us. We're here to help and love hearing your bright suggestions for upcoming adventures.